The Simplest Way To Make Money With Wealth Affiliate

June 28, 2017

I am pretty sure you eager to know how simple and fast you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate. Just in case you are new to it and do not know what it is about. Wealthy Affiliate is the most reputable and highest rated resource Centre that teaches the fundamentals of digital marketing and online business.


Starter Membership

With the starter membership you pocket about 25% on an annual basis the commission on your sales. Just a quick illustration, Initial month offer is $19, your commission is $4 once off. But when you have a get a referral with monthly fee of $49, your commission is $11.2 recurring. A year’s referral fee attracts $87.50 per referral.

These commissions build up overtime as your referrals increase. With a little bit of effort, you may find yourself with 100 referrals making $2250 every month.


As a premium member, you get 50% of referral fees every month plus you get also take part in WA’s $1 credit program . This allows you to earn from free members that you sign up who set up their accounts. For instance with $49 referral you get $23.50 per month corresponding to $282 for the year provided they are paying monthly on a single referral. By the way if you pay yearly the fee is only $359 which is a $1  per day.

Everyday  thousands of people join this awesome community to start their online business and thanks to a great support, tools and a top notch training many of them achieve success.

If you decide to upgrade from free to premium account you will get access to the whole wealthy affiliate training; Certification course and Affiliate Bootcamp.  I would recommend them bot because they are super awesome.

There are many other reputable and legit programs out there such as Empower network, Google sniper, Click bank University, Site Build It, Chris Farrell Membership, Niche Profit Classroom, Affilorama and Bring the Fresh. All these programs have helped thousands of people build successful online businesses and quit their jobs

Just to put things into perspective,my earnings for my referrals are currently shown below. I have not yet hit the 10k dollar threshold but i know of people within the WA community that are making more than 10k per month.

I am not here to mislead you or am I here to give you fake promises. It all depends on how much effort you apply. This requires a lot of patience and commitment. Persistence is the key


Making Money from PPC

WA has excellent trainings on PPC(pay per click) where you can learn how to drive traffic from Yahoo and Google and make Money. The greatest advantage with this method is that you do not need to wait for Google rankings when you can drive traffic by your own..

You can easily learn how to make PPC campaigns profitable. However, you should be mindful about this method as you can easily wipe out your budget. But if you still have a budget and do not have the time you can outsource this at Fiver.

Upon completion of the Wealthy Affiliate training, you can now drive traffic and make money. And it’s easy to move to CPA marketing where everyone else is making money by helping others. In CPA marketing you are paid to lead and not on the actual sale which makes work even easier.


There are so many other affiliate programs on which you can make money as you are not limited to Wealthy Affiliate. Therefore you need to be open- minded about this and put your greatest efforts on a niche that matter most to you.

Now that you have seen how others are money can be made using Wealthy Affiliate, it’s now your turn to make it.



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