CAN I MAKE MONEY SELLING AMAZON? – How to make money from Amazon

June 26, 2017

I am sure you have probably heard the hype about how much money you can make as an Amazon affiliate. One thing you need to keep in mind is that there few websites today that offer unlimited potential to earn money online. Amazon is among these sites. Whether you want to earn a little more extra to spend or to replace your full time Job, Here are some best ways to make money on Amazon.

The secret? Low cost and low effort as it will not take the whole day to create a site. You can get some additional help on site creation here – how to make money from a website?

Sign up as an Amazon Associate.

Maybe you are asking yourself, “What is Amazon Associate program?” This is simply program designed by Amazon that enables associates to earn commission for every sale made on their individual blogs or websites. It’s free and very easy. For Amazon there is no better place to start than selling family. I love the Amazon affiliate program. You earn commission on every sale you refer to the site as an associate or affiliate. Keep in mind that your site should have been in place by now as they will review the site manually

How do you earn Commission; Simply add a couple of links to your site and you’re ready to go.  Every time someone clicks your affiliate link and purchases a product on Amazon, you will earn a commission for it. The more you sell the more you earn, from 4% to 8.5%. Amazon has several opportunities where you can earn a set fee of $3 to $ 25 by referring people to sign for prime, Audible, baby and wedding Registries.

Amazon FBA- What exactly is Fulfillment by Amazon?

For a good reason the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) business model is on a growth frontier. Precisely it’s the same as the traditional ecommerce business. However, instead of   you having to fulfill order one by one, Amazon store your products for you and even arranges and ships them to customers.

The greatest advantage of this model is that enables you to leverage on the scale and distribution system of Amazon.

How do you go about this: First things first you have create an Amazon seller account. Go to Amazon the site, Scroll down to the footer and look out for the heading marked “Make Money with us.” Then, click on the link that reads “Sell on Amazon.”

The click will prompt either individual or professional sign up. When you sign up as individual you will be charged a monthly subscription fee. If you are looking to build a business for the long haul then you may want to sign up for professional which will attract a fee of $39.99 per month plus selling fees.

This is a straightforward process just follow through the onscreen instructions and complete.

Now in order to thrive and get maximum value from FBA, you will need to get the following tips.

  • Follow your passion. If you are doing what you enjoy, you will hang in there for longer. So find a category that you enjoy.
  • Have a wider product range. Make sure you undertake through research for every product offering. Having a diversified range of products reduces the risk of the business being dependent on just one product.
  • Improve your Best seller Rank. This is the greatest KPI or metric for both customer and sales. This is also a key performance indicator when the time comes to sell off your business. A steady growth in the BSR will be more appealing to the buyers.
  • Let the Website be your brand. As your private label product offerings expand, you will build a dedicated and professional site for your business. This is another efficient way you can market your products and also attract potential buyers.
  • Join Amazon Associate. As a result of joining Amazon Associate you will be able to increase your revenues with Amazon. Refer customers to your products you’re your own site and begin to earn commission.

Amazon Trade in Program

You want to upload your old stuff and make extra cash with Amazon Trade In Program? There are few things to note about Amazon Trade In.

 How the Amazon Trade in Works?

The program is simple and similar to many other trades in programs. You can trade your phones, tablets video games, etc. and Amazon will give you a gift card. One thing I like as an Amazon customer is they communicate to you when something I have bought has a trade in value.

The process goes like this

Put your items together. Pretty much put together anything you think is of value .Amazon also accepts textbooks, video games, consoles, accessories and electronics

Search for the Amazon Trade in Store to get your items and check your price. If you think the price is fair then click through to verify the title, condition and price.

Print a Shipping Label.- follow through the steps to print a postage paid label  either UPS or U.S Postal service. Make sure your give your items to your mail carrier.

Ship the package – Transport your item as soon as possible and when amazon receives it they will verify that it’s eligible and the condition is as stipulated. Send your item as soon as possible. Unacceptable items will be returned at Amazon’s expense that means you will not receive credit for the returned items.

Get your credit! – After Amazon receives and approves your item, they will issue your Amazon credit which can be used to purchase on Amazon.

It only takes a few minutes to initiate a trade-in, and if you opt for instant payment you can spend your store credit before you even ship your items to Amazon. Add in the free shipping label, and all you have to do is package your items and schedule a pickup with your shipping provider.

Amazon Kindle

If you want to self-publish an eBook Amazon kindle was the way to go for a very long time. Amazon simply takes a cut of each sale and there are no upfront fees involved. Since amazon owns Create Space, you can make printed copies available as well.

Self-publishing is not as difficult and most of the process can be yourself and editing by and design on Fiverr.

Amazon Mechanic Turks

This is a marketplace that requires human intelligence. The Mechanical Turk service renders businesses access to diverse, scalable workforce and gives workers a selection of thousands of tasks to complete. These Turks are called HITS which are posted by people called “requesters”

Each HIT has a price that it pays to complete it as well as the time allotted to complete it. You can scroll through the list of work available (typically hundreds of thousands of HITs at any given time) and accept the ones you want to work on. Once you complete the work, you submit the HIT and await payment. You can learn the techniques of this with the Selling Family



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