Build A Website (Step by Step)

June 27, 2017

How to make money on a website is an elusive topic that surrounds mass confusion. There is no one single way to define how to make money on a website just like any other business.

This question is no more like asking “how do I make money?” because of the many different modes in which money could be made. Therefore if you can lend me some few minutes, I am going to explain to you exactly what the process is and what the foundation of successful website starts with. Sound good?

OK, great.

So first things first foundation

Point 1: The Foundation of the A Website

If you are going to monetize your website you need to have one as the first point. Failure to understand the fundamentals of a good website will increase your risks of not making money on it. A website requires a solid foundation and this requires a lot of hard work and this will allow you to build those virtual sky scrapers.

The second question then becomes how we create a successful website that will stand the test of time and being monetized.

Here we go…..

Decide on a niche; This basically entails picking up a specialty section/topic/product which you are passionate about and enjoy or merely where you perceive opportunity. Take up a niche that is narrow enough to be distinctive. E.g. baby products, essential oils, music,etc. If you would like to know about niches take up, please read my article on the best niches niches to venture into in 2017 and beyond.

Pick a domain name; choose a domain name that is keyword rich and not clever. Why? Because your site will be easily verifiable by search engines if the domain name is well put up. Some great examples of such are,,

Setting up a website; most people get burned here because most web hosting sites will require an average fee of $10 per month. There are cheaper hosting sites like bluehost. Some are as little as $4 unlimited domains i.e. you can develop many sites on the same hosting package. There are so many themes and templates of which you can use for the site. A website can be developed for you are Fiverr at a minimal fee.

You can use TemplateMonster which is a site that has the biggest collection of website templates. It has templates for WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart, Drupal and many more.

Point 2: Website Content

You have your website then what?  Well this is the next step in the process which us to create content. Content is the premise for all great deal traffic/visitors to you site. Once you have created the content, your users will build a relationship/ trust with your website which leads to revenue. With consistence revenue streams, you will then have your own brand and the creation of your own brand lead to long term business opportunities..

Content can be in different ways from comments, to text,to videos and audio. Most often search engines like websites with rich content and so do people. Therefore build rich, quality content and buyers will come.

In order for you to rank better with Google, Bing and yahoo your website should be easily navigable, valuable and fresh content and great readers who actively participate in engage in group discussion ion your website.

Point 3: Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

Now that you have a website and quality content, your foundation for success is very clear. So, how do sort out this traffic? Well there are various ways in which you can drive traffic to you website. Most recommended Website content I have already talked about in point 2.

Creating videos; many successful marketers have realized that using famous videos to market is very a powerful tool to making a successful website. The potential for video marketing through YouTube has not yet been realized. YouTube’s popularity increases year after year and this is just but the beginning.

And of course we have paid traffic and Ad buys.

Point 4: Open up a shop-make the money

Affiliate marketing: this is simply you advertising specific products on your website and in in return gain a commission for each sell. This can be any product or service. The key to monetize your site is to make sure that your content is related to the product or service being advertised to your readers.

Wealth Affiliate provides very good insights on how to go about it. The entire course of how to progress from website creation to monetizing the site can be learned through Wealthy Affiliate. This is the number one place to get education in online business anywhere. So if you don’t understand some of these terms I am putting up here. You can also read by blog on it. Otherwise please visit Wealthy affiliate and they should able to help you on a step by step basis of how to go about but you need to create free account. I have given more details in my other post on how you can make money with Wealth affiliate. I have been a member for a while now.

Here are some of the ways your website can be monetized

  • Selling Advertising (to other website owners)
  • Selling Affiliate Products
  • Selling Amazon Products
  • Selling Products that You Own
  • Selling the Actual Website


There are many other ways to make money with a website. Many websites generate high revenues everyday using these methods mentioned above. Remember in all this that the key to making money is traffic. The more traffic you have the higher chance of making money.

First focus on creating valuable rich content and then traffic will follow. Get out there and be part of the many millions of people making a living from there sites.

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